Use Video to Capture the Attention of Potential Clients

More Leads, Referrals, Reviews, Engagement, and Up-sells

The Big Idea in a Few Words and 46Secs

Changing Times

Your customers are changing faster then you can keep up.  They are using social platforms to spread the word good or bad.

Customers want to feel good, they want businesses to make them feel that they are part of something and not just another number.

Everyone wants to be part of a tribe. With an attention span of 10 seconds

The number one way to do this is to personalize your message to them. By sending Personalized Videos you will be 100 steps ahead of your competition. Major corporations are doing this. The game is on.

What We Do

We create personalized Videos for RESULTS. That is more Leads, Reviews, Referrals, Engagement and Up sells. The statics speak for them self.

“When Values are Clear Decisions are Easy”

Personalized Videos


A convenient option that can fit within any campaign budget


Attract each one of your clients based on their data, profile and situation


The opportunities are countless be able to reach thousands of clients


Can be incredibly fast keeping your marketing traction


Videos are much more approachable and easier to understand than text. 75% of people who saw a sort of explanation video consequently became customers. So that’s why it can help boost your sales. In some cases we have see purchase increases of over 200%


Reconnect with your customers, personalized video helps prospects and clients become closer to your brand. When people feel connected with a company they’re more likely to keep buying and sharing your story. Zumba had an increase of over 50% in sales. Check out our case studies


Capture the attention of your customers from the first moment with a video that speaks directly to them. Click through rates of 40% have happened. How would that help you business?

Business Metrics


Emails with personalized video boast 25% higher open rates and 51% higher click rates


57% of customers are ok providing personal information on a website as long as it’s for their benefit and being used in responsible ways


54% of customers would rather have a loyal relationships. Personalized offers have proven to solidify this relationship.


75% of customers purchase more when they see personalized video

Same Video Personalization Technology Used by

RedBull, Domino’s, McDonalds’s Nike and More

What Can You Do With Personalization

Launch New Products


Send Out Your Promotions


Create More Raving Fans


Would you like to be part of our Case Study

Now that you know about the power of Personalized Video. We are looking for a few companies to do a Case Study on.  All that we ask is that you could give us a testimonial on the technologically and how it worked for you. We have created a small question and answers section below. You can either email us with more questions on request to get on the list.

Answers to Your Questions

Is your Case Study Free. What is the Catch ?

Yes it is Free with no Catch. The easiest way for us to grow our business is to give value first. Having your testimonial at this time is very valuable to us and a fare exchange for what we will do.Testing last about 2 weeks.

What do I have to Provide for the Case Study ?

Nothing other then tell use what you would like to Offer, Launch or Promote. Remember it is about making people feel the experience.

Do I have to Qualify ?

Yes, kind off. We are looking for a business that is active on Social Media such as Facebook or is currently at least trying to build a relationship with their customers.

Other Case Studies ?

Yes you can access them from our Menu

What is Your Video Store ?

In addition to Personalized Videos we do have a Video Store with base images and Videos where we can your Name, Logo and other information. Great for any marketing campaigns. This is provided at a very reasonable cost.

Is My Email Protected ?

I personally hate getting B.S. emails with no value so YES, your email is protected. We will not sell or give away your email. We do have a blog that maybe once or twice a month we add an article that we can guarantee will have value for any business. We do send you a notification that an article was published. You can remove yourself anytime.

Does Dog Park Media LLC offer other Services ?

Our business focus is  on Video Personalization. We do at time offer specialized services to help with Video ranking.

Can you train my Gold Fish to Fetch ?

Nope, sorry we cannot do that. They lack intuition.  (You will find we do have a sense of humor)

Have More Questions ?

Feel Free to call us or drop us an email. If we do not answer right away do leave a a call back number. Being a business owner like you it can be hard to answer the phone every time but we do our best.

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